Chrisa Ju’ein is a half-elf with black hair and brown eyes that contain a hint of blue. She was raised by her father when she chose her elven side at the age of 6. She grew up in a medium sized city along the western shore of the Angia Forest, called Tamir.

Unlike most elves she isn’t fond of playing an instrument or singing but learned to play the lyre. She did come to love nature and grew to have an affinity with the animals of the forest. At the age of 9 she met a panther cub and they have been friends ever since, growing up together. She named the panther Aayr and though people may not always see the she-panther, she is never far from Chrisa’s side.

Chrisa is adept with her scimitar and has a growing proficiency with a whip. She doesn’t speak of her profession often because most people think Rogues are thieves and liars, she has little tolerance for either.

At the age of 20, she went to see her mother who lived in Tir Aman. She was with her mother a year before the day that changed Chrisa’s life. On this day when Chrisa returned home from her errands she found her mother killed. It has become Chrisa’s mission to find out who killed her mother and why. She carries a small cameo that belonged to her mother as a token and reminder. Everything Chrisa does is in order to fulfill her duty and find her mother’s killer(s).

(I am writing a story to go with her but felt you needed to know a few things about her so I gave some things that will let you know her a little better.)


Kamora Naamah