Worgpaw Clan

The Worgpaw Clan is a group of orcs in the The Moorlands near Falkir. This is one of the few clans that have had significant interaction with the races of man.


In the dark days, there was bitter warfare between the Worgpaw clan and the encroaching humans. As the years passed the human forces lead by Veraclese the Vindicator drove the clan back into the swamp where they became stalemated. The humans could not bring siege equipment into the mire and the horses did not move well in the soft terrain, loosing many to broken legs. The orcs by contrast seemed to have few problems with slipping the encirclement with small worg mounted raiding groups. With the length of the campaign growing and the casualty counts rising, it was deemed too great a task to finish the orcs once and for all. A rickety truce was formed that had a few transgressions on both sides over the years, but all in all the peace held. The area started to become more and more infested with bandits as they had an easy scape goat of blaming the orcs for anything that got too messy though some were obviously not caused by them.

Nearly half a century later, Baron Iselford the Unscathed made a great change in the relations with the clan. He extended a hand of friendship (though more likely based on his somewhat weaselly nature saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone). The orcs religion much like their entire society is based upon warfare, and with no good outlets to vent it except further into the swamps toward less than appropriate targets, made a perfect situation. Rather than risking his own men and materials to calm his subjects fervor over the bandit problems, he offered the Orc leader Grol’doc a bounty of 8 silver for the members of the main bandit camp. No matter who died Iselford came out ahead. Grol’doc would have been happy to do it for free, to be in combat and a chance at earning a place in heaven without breaking the truce. The bounty was just icing on the cake.

No more than three days later Grol’doc returned to enter the town gates unarmed on a mud covered Worg bearing a large burlap sack which he deposited on the front steps of Iselford’s abode. The sack contained 15 human heads 3 of which were positively identified as belonging to members of the bandit camp, and the rest were presumed to be from there as the raiding ceased. The events of that day spawned local phrases based around the 8 silver bounty such as “You aren’t worth 8 silver.”

This opened the relations between the races and the worgpaw have been hired as mercenaries and bounty hunters in the region from time to time since. Though many people distrust them they work cheap, and are quite effective.

In the years that followed the area became much safer for the race of man as the orcs’ bloodthirst channeled in a “positive” direction nearly eradicated bandit threats. The humans, being safer in the area, denuded it of the precious furs and plants that made the area desirable to enter in the first place. With a lack of local bandits, groups of the worgpaw are spreading further afield in search of employment that fits their warlike talents without causing direct confrontation with the far superior numbers of men.

They have had an unintended consequence of lowering the bounties in anywhere that they operate because they do it for the glory. This does not endear them to their human counterparts, nor the quarry that may find themselves chased since it is more affordable to do.

Current Society

The Worgpaw are locally accepted by the humans and are at least known of throughout the lands. They are generally called upon for military matters because they are willing to risk life and limb in situations that men would consider foolhardy to do. If found away from their clan lands they are generally working or seeking work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. They tend to be careful that the actions that they take are sanctioned by the local governance because they are all too aware of the likelihood of being lynched otherwise.

They are also renown for their worgs as the best mount and pack animal available for the terrain of the moorlands. Small numbers are beginning to be sold outside the clan.

Trade goods with the other races include furs and plants from the moorlands as well as a fermented fruit wine flavored with marshes bountiful selection of herbs. Less well accepted is an herb flavored cheese and dried meats and sausage due to cultural biases.

Worgpaw Clan

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