Tir Aman

Tir Aman:
     A kingdom surrounded on two sides by mountains and on one by harsh and inhospitable swampland. Eight hundred miles east to west and 400 north to south it is a nearly unbroken plain of fine farming and pasture land. The capital, Lasthanis is in the center of the land on a large island in the The Tailor’s Knot. Here the river is fairly new and the water moves by much faster than it does farther to the south, a bridge spans the river here and the capital has sprawled over to both shores. King Terrel the Griffon Rider has resided over Tir Aman for thirty years, justly and honorably, there are few dissidents and even they are treated fairly. Queen Ovlia Dantan is a gracious and beautiful lady formerly of the Mal’Hari Empire and she has brought with her strong ties to the mighty empire. The kingdom has but one true worry… twin princes. Though honorable men Tristen and Jerlesh both want the throne and are very competitive for it. Prince Tristen is leader of Tir Aman’s mighty army a brave knight of great renown. Jerlesh is a fine magician, apprenticed these last ten years to Gramdall, the greatest magician that Tir Aman has ever known, and he shows promise. Jerlesh may one day surpass his mentor in magical skills.

Tir aman

     Appearance and dress: The gentry of Tir Aman wear fine clothing of bright colors trimmed in furs purchased from their neighbors in The Moorlands to the south. Bright bands of color in the families house colors cross their chests, the number of stripes denoting their rank within their family. The heads of large families will have upwards of ten bands of color. Decoration on armor and weapons is the norm, with higher ranking members having gilded armor entirely engraved with scroll-work and decoration. They look on other lands as being cultural inferiors.
     Exports: A bountiful harvest of vegetables and grains as well as cattle. No finer horses are bred than those of Tir Aman.
     History: Tir Aman’s history has been colored by attempts by other lands to attack them, a war lasted for forty years when the Mal’Hari Empire expanded to these lands but the Tir’s horsemanship, defensive structures and their legendary Griffon Corps have withstood all attackers. Now Tir Aman feels even safer with an alliance with the mighty Mal’Hari Empire guarding the only entrance to their lands.

Population: 175,000
Ruler: King Terrel the Griffon Rider
Form of Government: Monarchy
Races: Ruralmen 65%,Urbanmen 20%,Dwarves 8%,High Men 5%, Others 2%
Army: 15,000 Infantry The Marc, 7,000 Cavalry Riders of the Tir, and 700 Griffon Riders the Griffon Corps.
Navy: 20 Fast attack river boats.
Alliances: Mal’Hari Empire.

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Tir Aman

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