There are perhaps hundreds of gods throughout the land, both seen and unseen. Some are prayed to and worshipped, others simply recognized. Perhaps some are worshipped by animals or other beings, and only a few gods are known worldwide, while the rest are known only locally. Some are also referred to as demons to one culture, while revered in another.

In a time lost to all but legend, before the most aged elf or dragon, the All-god died and fell from the heavens. Where he landed his body burst asunder, and his being was strewn throughout the world. These shards of mana were found by all manner of creature, so that each was granted a measure of power and immortality. So arose the new gods and their many pantheons. While the wild creatures stumbled upon this mana, the savvier races soon learned the import of the shards of the All-god’s being and sought them out. Thus it is that many more of the gods bear a humanoid semblance and mettle in the affairs of the kingdoms and empires that have come since.

It is believed that many of the nodes of power found throughout the lands mark the location where a mana shard landed. Although a fool’s quest, some wayward adventurers spend their entire lives trying to discover some lost shard that may still be missing in the hopes of obtaining such great power for themselves. While most priests scoff at the idea, there is an occasional prophet who warns that these shards exist, and that if they should ever all be found it will spell great doom for the world. It is their warning that if all of the All-god’s mana is found he shall rise anew and reorder the world to his liking.

The Three Deaths




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