A beginning...

Deluge 17, 279 Talia South Western Tir Aman

Karg Seeks employment as a mercenary with the Riders of the Tir detachment in Talia.
Soultorn recently turned loose from his master, Aerem Tore who tells him he needs experience before his mind is ready for more learning. Chrisa, briefly a scout for the detachment has recently been released from service. Raylon a Gypsy girl, has left her caravan and resides now at the inne in town.

Captain Harvel Dow informs Karg that no mercenaries are currently desired with the detachment but perhaps he can get a nagging woman named Carra off his back. Apparently she can’t find her kids. This message, overheard by Chrisa, sends Karg to the Royal Griffin Inne followed by Chrisa. Once there he speaks with Carra who informs him that her older son, Tarn, was taunting her younger son, Fergus, about being afraid to enter the haunted Olde North Tower. Carra had told them that neither of them was going to the tower but in the morning she found that both of her children were gone. That was two days ago. This story was overheard by Soultorn and Raylon who were enjoying breakfast together at a nearby table. Soultorn who was very familiar with the area immediatly recalled the location of the olde north tower and judging by the look of confusion on the Orc’s face encouraged Raylon to join him in asking Karg if he needed assistance with this task. Chrisa remained secretly observing the conversation. Karg agreed and soon the three set off for the tower followed by Chrisa. Ten miles from town, the intrepid band topped a hill in time to see a group of Goblins and Bugbears ambush a group of soldiers on the road the three attacked the goblins and bugbears from behind, joined by Chrisa and her panther. After a fierce battle, several goblinoids lay dead, Chrisa’s panther lay dead and the soldiers departed. Most of the raiding party fled the area.

After looting the bodies, Chrisa is allowed to join the group as they continued to the tower. The party arrives at the tower at sunset and decides to move away a short distance and camp for the night before entering at dawn. During the night the party is attacked by strange spectral snakes that latch onto the throats of all of the party and they are saved only by Chrisa who manages to overcome the creature’s influence awaken the others of the group. Shortly after the encounter, however, each of the members finds themselves vastly drained and struggling to stay awake. Chrisa and Karg have astonishing endurance that allows them to recover quickly from the weakness and Soultorn uses his Arcane powers to heal himself and Raylon.

In the morning the group enters the tower and is soon in a battle with several goblins and bugbears however soon the party is forced back as Soultorn is shot through the ankle and mighty ogre joins the fight. Karg manages to slay the ogre and the group returns to town for healing.


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