An Arcanist


Human, Urbanman

Training Packages:
Amateur Mage Revised (L)
Famulus (V)

Aura, Greater
Power (minor)
Temporal Skills
Mana Sensing
Accelerated Mending

Intolerance (minor): Beggars
Fanatic: Mentor (name: Arem Tore)

Age: 25 Looks: 30
Height: 5’-10" Weight: 129
Black hair, blue eyes.
Carries a staff.


Ghem Ocke was born into poverty in the city of Lasthanis; abandoned by his mother at an early age. He lived in the squalid alleyways of the Mouse District, forced to scrounge and beg for his existence. He was finally “saved” when an arcanist took note of some hidden potential in the boy and took him on as his apprentice. Having spent years learning to harness and tap the arcane forces, his master has deemed him ready to venture into the world and put his abilities to the test. The life of most arcane users is a short one, afterall, and only through challenge can one truly learn the discipline necessary to survival.

Ghem doesn’t tell anyone of his upbringing, and has sworn that he will never again suffer such destitution. He has taken the name “Soultorn,” as a way of putting his past behind him and conceal his roots. He is a tight-lipped individual, avoiding small talk, and even ignoring offered pleasantries when he feels it might draw him into “trivial” conversations. He is fastidious with his appearance and equipment, and does his best to avoid stains. While such behaviour might easily be understood given his past, it is easy to believe that he is pretentious or may even secretly comes from wealth (a view he is happy to encourage.)

Unlike his native Tir Amanians, Ghem favors dark colors for his clothing, as he believes it further lends him an air of menace and mystery. As an Arcanist, he’s not opposed to intimidating an opponent into backing down from a fight rather than unleash the raw power of the arcane. Still, he has no qualms about melting an opponent’s face off if it comes to that. His mentor has always praised Ghem for the ease with which he grasps the arcane, and perhaps he has let this go to his head.

Ghem practically worships his mentor, Arem Tore. Arem is the father he never had, and the man saved him from the streets. While Arem is a guild member, he has never pushed Ghem in that direction; allowing him to make his own path. If Arem hadn’t pushed Ghem out of the nest, as it were, Ghem would have happily remained at Arem’s side, doing his master’s bidding.


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