A four-armed orc known as a "Vard," Headlock is best described as a war machine.


A reclusive sub-race of the Orcs known as “Vard,” Headlock lived an isolated life deep in the Moorlands. A raiding party of Orc mercenaries belonging to the Worgpaw Clan came upon him one day while hunting bandits and captured him. They forced him into their raiding party, where he was used as shock troop against groups of armed bandits. Over time, as he observed the Worgpaws’ transactions with humans, he came to understand that humans in the region were friendly.

One evening, when his orc captors were passed out drunk after spending the reward of silver from their bandit hunting, Headlock slipped from their camp outside of a human town and sought refuge at a nearby temple. The priests took him in and hid him until the orcs gave up their search of the area and headed on. In gratitude for their kindness, Headlock stayed on at the temple and used his formidable strength to help out both the temple and townfolk. The priests, in return, began teaching Headlock their more civilized ways, and have set him on the path of being a protector of their order.

Headlock earned his name when he broke up a brawl at a temple wedding. The brawl settled down once the Vard had the groom under one arm, the bride under another, the groom’s mistress under a third, and the bride’s father under the last! When Headlock isn’t doing his duties at the local temple, he spends time at a local inn, where he keeps a room and sometimes works as a bouncer. Surprising to most patrons, he is not a heavy drinker. He does, however, have a reputation for mocking local bards, and once mooned a bard that was all dressed in purple.


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